Why choose Lily Pad?


Programs based on research and active learning
Through active learning young children build knowledge that helps them make sense of the world. Lily Pad’s developmental program offers numerous and varied opportunities each day where children can explore, question, discover, and succeed. The children are exposed to reading readiness concepts through play and are appropriately and continually challenged to ensure they remain engaged learners. All domains including social/emotional development, physical development, and cognitive development are addressed as the professional faculty involve the children in many activities each day including those in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts.

Dynamic classroom environments
Young children have the innate desire to explore, ask questions, and problem solve and thrive best when child-initiated and teacher-directed activities and experiences offered to them enrich their development physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.

At Lily Pad the teachers support and guide children’s natural inquisitiveness in organized classroom environments where there are there are well-designed routines for active learning and a positive and strong climate for frequent and positive social interactions. Following an organized curriculum that is both child-initiated and teacher-directed, activities are incorporated into the daily program and focus on language and literacy, mathematical understanding including classification, seriation, number, space, and time, creative expression, music, movement, social relations, and science activities.

The classroom schedules at Lily Pad are planned to allow the children to participate in a wide variety of activities offered in their classroom’s learning centers several times each day. These centers may include ones for block building, artistic pursuits, dramatic play, and math and science exploration as well as a safe place to learn self-calming techniques as outlined in Becky Bailey's Consciuos Disipline program. There are also daily large and small-group instructional times when teachers initiate learning experiences based on the children’s interests and development and outdoor time on the playground both morning and afternoon to help children with their physical development.

A strong and involved staff
The staff at Lily Pad understand that children learn best in a predicable environment and when there is a regular routine that supports active learning. By providing consistency, the teachers help the children feel secure and comfortable at school. From the infant/toddler program with three teachers to the preschool program with two teachers in every classroom, the daily schedules provide for whole group, small group, and individual instruction.

During the time a child is at Lily Pad, parents have many opportunities, both formal and informal, to share information with the teachers. Our teachers aid in developing a solid relationship between the center and home as well as helping to make a smooth initial transition to the classroom. Regularly scheduled parent-teacher conference help focus on a child’s development and changing needs. Through these meetings and careful observation of the children, the teachers provide an interesting and dynamic curriculum that is tailored to both the class’s and individual children’s needs.