our Classrooms

Lily Pad believes in integrating social emotional learning and classroom management. Rather than external curriculum, we utilize everyday events to address childrens emotional development. Our teachers prefer to use daily conflict as an  They may be confused if the day starts with group time one day, outside play another, and art acitivies on a third.  Lily Pad's program helps them thrive as they participate in a well-ordered and predictable environment where daily routines such as arrivals and departures, group times, meal times, and naptimes are consistent.  Our schedules for the children are designed to give them the structure and predictability that they need as well as the flexibility to capitalize on those moments when children discover something that intrigues them and captures their interest.

Lily Pad also believes outdoor play is vital to a child’s development and incorporates playground time into the schedule for the children both in the morning and afternoon. These outdoor times are perfect opportunities for children to run, jump, climb and use their bodies in ways that they are unable to do in the classroom.  As a large amount of social interaction also takes place when children play outdoors, this time helps children develop their interpersonal relationship skills as they choose their friends and activities.


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