18 to 30 month olds

Children this age love using their senses and motor skills to explore the world and are highly curious about unfamiliar objects, events, and phenomena.

Goals and objectives for the Dragonflies focus on:

Fostering their social and emotional development:

  • Increased comfort when interacting with new people and situations
  • Participation in a variety of environments and situations with support
  • Awareness that other’s feelings are separate from their own
  • Demonstration of caring behavior towards others
  • Involvement in coordinated play with other children
  • Form attachments to caregivers.
  • Build relationships with other adults and children
  • Participate in group routines.

Developing their communication, language and literacy skills:

  • Using words to communicate
  • Understanding  increasingly complex spoken language
  • Interest in hearing stories
  • Listening and responding to adults and their peers.
  • Practicing nonverbal communication.
  • Exploring picture books.

Supporting their cognitive development;

  • Encouraging the exploration of objects
  • Offering experiences in cause and effect
  • Increasing understanding of object permanence and part-whole relationships
  • Developing a concept of time by anticipating events

 Developing their motor skills by having frequent opportunities to:

  • Move their entire body by rolling, crawling, cruising, walking, running, and balancing.
  • Grasp, hold, and manipulating objects
  • Develope their muscle tone

Encouraging creativity through opportunities to::

  • Imitate and pretend.
  • Explore building and art materials.
  • Respond to and identify pictures and photographs.
  • Listen and respond to music.
  • Explore and imitate sounds and vocal pitches.

The care and play areas for the infants and toddlers at Lily Pad are distinct and organized with activities chosen specifically for them. Napping, diapering, and eating areas are organized around the perimeter of the room with good space left open for active play. There is also an outdoor play yard with equipment that encourages both physical development and social interaction.