Lily Pad’s mission is to provide a warm, safe, accepting environment where a child may grow as an individual. Through play and the guidance of dedicated teachers, children’s progress in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth is supported by their engagement in a wide variety of multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate activities.

Lily Pad’s developmental program offers numerous and varied opportunities where children can explore, question, discover, and succeed. The children are exposed to readiness concepts through play and are appropriately and continually challenged to ensure they remain engaged learners. All domains including social/emotional development, physical development, and cognitive development are addressed as the staff involve the children in many activities each day including those in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts. Lily Pad also works to help each child develop a positive self-image, self-confidence as an individual, an awareness of others, and positive peer relationships.

The education of children at Lily Pad is a true partnership between the center and its families and frequent and on-going communication is considered vital to the children’s development. Parents are encouraged and guided to become active participants in the classrooms and parent education opportunities are regularly offered.