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In the Classroom

Lily Pad’s developmental programs provide experiences that lead children to explore, question, discover, and succeed. The curriculum for every age group at Lily Pad is based on best practices for educating young children and the dynamic classroom environments led by a strong and involved faculty engage children in the learning process as they gain knowledge through their interactions with objects, ideas, and other individuals. We encourage you to learn more about Lily Pad at Metro Park by reading the following links.

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The Polliwogs

  • For infants through 18 months 
  • Teacher-child ratio 1:4
  •  Polliwog schedule


  • For children 19-30 months
  • Teacher-child ratio 1:5 (1:4 if any under 16 months)
  • Dragonfly schedule
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The Ducklings

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The Grasshoppers