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In the Classroom

Lily Pad’s developmental programs provide experiences that lead children to explore, question, discover, and succeed. The curriculum for every age group at Lily Pad is based on best practices for educating young children and the dynamic classroom environments led by a strong and involved faculty engage children in the learning process as they gain knowledge through their interactions with objects, ideas, and other individuals. We encourage you to learn more about Lily Pad at Metro Park by reading the following links.

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Lily Pad offers full-day programs for children from zero months to five years. At each age level the center’s excellent staff engage the children in a wide variety of activities to encourage their social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development. In the infant and toddler program, children follow their own schedule in a warm and nurturing atmosphere lead by caring teachers who invite exploration and engagement in the many age appropriate activities provided for them. This same caring approach is continued in the classrooms for the twos and older as the teachers provide a balance between circle time, center or choice time, small and large group instruction, art and music activities, story time, and outside play while encouraging each child’s individual development.

In addition to the classrooms tailored for each age level, a playground specially designed for children five and under is an important component of Lily Pad’s programs. We believe that time spent outdoors in play is essential to a child’s development and our outdoor play space promotes creative and energetic play where children can run, climb, and explore as they develop their motor skills.

Developing good nutritional habits as children learn to socialize during meals is another aspect of the Lily Pad program. Meals and snacks, provided by parents for their child, are seen as important opportunities for conversation and positive interactions with others. Please note that Lily Pad is an allergy-aware school, so no peanuts, peanut products, or tree nuts are permitted.

Age groupings at Lily Pad include:

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The Polliwogs

  • For infants and toddlers zero months to twelve months
  • Teacher-child ratio 1:4
  •  Polliwog schedule


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The Ducklings

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The Grasshoppers